Botox and Juvederm

All injections are performed by Dr Mary Pritikin at her office located at 111 N Wabash, suite 1810  Prices vary and are given at the time of consultation. Please call 312 332 4296 and visit her website for more information. 

Botox Cosmetic is a quick and minimally invasive procedure consisting of a few tiny injections. Common areas of treatment are the forehead, between the brows and around the eyes.   Dr Szczerba will determine exactly where to administer these injections to achieve the best results for you.  The entire procedure takes approx 10 minutes, with minimal discomfort. You can expect to see results within days after your treatment and the diminishing of lines may continue for up to a week. 

Juvederm injectable gel replaces the HA( Hyaloronic Acid) your skin has lost, bringing back its volume and smoothing away facial wrinkles and folds. Juvederm has a smooth consistency and is long lasting, its works well injected into the naso-labial folds, lips and any areas that are in need of enhancement.  A topical anesthetic cream prior to treatment is recommended to minimize discomfort.